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The gas introduced into the national network has a very high pressure, such as to require accurate management to allow its use to consumers: the Skid is a plant that manages the flow of gas in order to ensure compliance with the rules laid down in each country. It is a reduction and measurement group consisting of pipes for gas flow, a filter for the gas cleaning procedure, a pressure regulator that reduces the pressure of the outgoing gas, a meter to measure the amount of gas (in cubic meters), and a volume corrector to guarantee the best accuracy in the measurement at the reference conditions for Pressure and Temperature (standard cubic meters).

Mesura conveys durability, reliability and precision, values that have distinguished it for over 70 years, through an offer that includes a wide line of regulators, smart meters and volume controllers available to the customer, either incorporated in the same reduction and measurement group or sold individually.

Skid Biomethane-H2

The decarbonisation process uses renewable sources to reduce the impact that natural gas has on the environment and beyond it, with the aim of having all the equipment (pipes, filters, regulators, meters) compatible with biogas and hydrogen by 2050.

Mesura products are ready for tomorrow’s technology:

  • Mesura has created biogas reduction groups to be used as a vehicle gas, creating CNG biomethane plants;
  • our regulators have been tested for compatibility with mixtures containing hydrogen in the low-pressure residential distribution resulting fully functional and obtaining the ISO 17025 certification issued by KIWA, the first European laboratory to study hydrogen as a renewable source/energy carrier.
Skid Biomethane MESURA


Process Management, Skid Maintenance and Meter Calibration.