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Type 96
Line Pressure Regulators

Type 96 appliance stabilezers are manufactured to supply the highest performance both as Gas Appliance Regulators, in compliance with ANSI Z21.18 CSA 6.3.
Type 96 pressure governors are intended for use in main burner and pilot load applications, they feature precise regulating control from full flow down to tiny pilot flows.
This model is available in fixed or adjustable outlet pressure where small adjustments can be made to the outlet pressures on installation with the appliance.


Body Material: Aluminium/Painted
Inlet Pressure: 1/2 PSI (34.5bar) 2 PSI (138 mbar)
Outlet Pressure: min 2.8” w.c. (7mbar) min 12” w.c. (30mbar)
Nominal Capacity: 150 ÷ 65.000 BTU/h
Working temperature: -40 ÷ +96 °C
Inlet Connections: 1/4” NPT G 1/4 L.H. 3/8” NPT G 3/8 L.H.
Outlet Connections: 1/4” NPT G 1/4 L.H. 3/8” NPT G 3/8 L.H.

Made in Italy
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