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Process Management

REPCo has been involved for 30 years in EPC (Engeenering Purchasing Commissioning), which is the design, supply and site support of packaged gas, oil and power related systems together with the associated equipment for the international marketplace.

REPCo is able to customize any project, regardless of size, through end to end solutions ranging from stand-alone equipment to the most complex gas treatment plants.

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Mesura SAS | Process Management

Skid Maintenance

Mesura relies on certified partners with decades of experience for the constant analysis of the performance of the pressure reducing and metering groups, providing them with the support kit.
Through this synergistic action we provide safety through the maintenance of mechanical and electronic components of the Skids.

Maintenance and intervention are also guaranteed by Consulenza Metano, a subsidiary of the Cavagna Group, which is also involved in the construction of cabins and reduction units for natural gas, both civil and industrial.

Skid Maintenance MESURA

Meter Calibration

Mesura calibration makes the instrument more accurate by ensuring correct detection of the amount of gas used.
Mesura offers the calibration service aware of the importance of providing accurate and timely information to the consumer.

Meter Calibration MESURA


Mesura supports its customers by ensuring the correct use of the installed systems and provide specific training courses built around the type of product and specific requirements of the various partners.

Training MESURA


Skid and Skid Biomethane-H2.