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Manufacturing facilities

With our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise, we ensure precision, reliability, and performance in every product we manufacture.

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced machinery and tools to deliver products that meet and exceed industry standards. Our team of skilled technicians and engineers meticulously test and inspect each component to guarantee accurate measurement, durability, and longevity.

About Cavagna Group S.p.A. – Regulators Division

The Cavagna Group’s experience in terms of Gas Regulators lies in the 50 years history with the RECA unit. Founded in 1970, RECA is one of the forerunners of the regulator industry, and is why the Cavagna branded regulators have a strong worldwide reach.

Today Cavagna Group’s Regulators Division R&D, Engineering, Sales, Purchasing and Quality Control Departments are located in Calvisano (BS), Italy.

Five worldwide manufacturing sites (Italy, France, Portugal, Chile, China) work in synergy to produce LPG, Natural Gas and High Pressure regulators for different kinds of applications.


Via Matteotti, 5
25012 Viadana di Calvisano – Brescia (Italy)
Tel: +39 030 9688611
[email protected] |

About Mesura SAS

In 1949, Willi and Herald Mann founded Mesura SaS. This family-owned company, based in eastern France, soon acquired a highly valuable know-how in the gas sector.

The business started by producing gas meters, but it soon specialised in the manufacturing of natural gas regulators for all applications.

In more than 70 years, its technological expertise has led the company to worldwide recognition.

Although Mesura SaS has been a Cavagna Group company since 2012, the original headquarters has not changed and is still active. The manufacturing plant in Forbach is dedicated mainly to the French regulator line, with a total of 1.8 Million of finished products per year, exported to 52 countries.


Technopole Forbach Sud
Rue Robert Busen – BP 50102
57602 Forbach Cedex – France
Tel: +33 (0) 3 87 85 46 97

About Mesura Metering S.r.l.

MESURA METERING is a Cavagna Group Company established in 2018 in Bedizzole (Brescia), not far from the Cavagna Group Headquarters.

This plant covers an area of 1400 sq, and is dedicated to the production of Gas Meters.
It is here where both diaphragm gas meters and smart gas meters are manufactured, assembled and tested. The head office also includes a climatic chamber, where the meters are calibrated, and also has storage next to it.

The Mesura Metering products are compatible with LPG, Butane, Propane, Natural Gas and blended NG/H2.

Mesura Metering is certified in accordance with the rigorous standards set out in the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID).


Via Gavardina, 10H
25081 Bedizzole – Brescia (Italy)
Tel: +39 030 5580383
[email protected]

About Mesura Nirmal Gas Controls Private Ltd

Mesura Nirmal is the result of a joint venture between Mesura SAS and Nirmal Industrial Controls Private Ltd., one of India’s market leaders in the gas sector.

This partnership actually created an important business hub for the gas industry in Asia, linking two of the world’s leading gas technology companies.

Mesura Nirmal manufactures natural gas regulators, mainly for domestic and commercial applications.

Nirmal Industrial Control specialises in the design, development, production, installation and commissioning of prefabricated skids for natural gas transmission and distribution applications. In addition this also includes: a filter separator, scrubber, knockout drum, high pressure regulators and safety shutoff valves.


Samriddhi Building, 1st Floor, L.B.S. Marg, Mulund (West)
Mumbai – 400080 – India

About REPCo S.r.l.

REPCo is a comprehensive multisystem end-to-end process design house for the energy of today and future energy.

Based in Milan, it has been in operation since 1993, and in 2021 it was officially taken over by Cavagna Group and Nirmal Industries Controls Private Ltd.

The Italian company offers stand-alone equipment and modular process plants for energy and power projects of any size. In particular, it covers the design, supply and start-up site support of packaged gas, oil and power related systems, together with the associated equipment for the international marketplace.

Thanks to its established capabilities in both engineering and fabrication, REPCo can also provide immediate support on mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and control issues.


Viale Vincenzo Lancetti, 43, Palazzo B, Scala 1, 4° Piano
20158 Milano (Italy)
Tel. +39 02 33611649
[email protected] |

About Consulenza Metano S.r.l.

CONSULENZA METANO SRL is a Cavagna Group subsidiary established in 1987, following more than twenty years in the field of natural gas metering.

It is committed to offering a wide range of services: construction of cabins and reduction units for natural gas, both civil and industrial, maintenance and emergency interventions.

It joined the Cavagna Group in July 2024 in order to strengthen its presence in the natural gas field.


Via Sitia Yomo n.6 | 20080 | VERNATE (MI) | (Italy)
T. +39 02.900.91.155 (r.a.)
[email protected] |

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