Mesura-Gas-Solutions-Natural-Gas-Regulators_0004_A6 F6 90° verticale
Mesura-Gas-Solutions-Natural-Gas-Regulators_0001_A6 compact 180° orizMesura-Gas-Solutions-Natural-Gas-Regulators_0002_A6 compact 90° vertMesura-Gas-Solutions-Natural-Gas-Regulators_0003_A6 180° orizMesura-Gas-Solutions-Natural-Gas-Regulators_0000_R2-A6H-F6H

Regulators R1 and R2

R1 and R2 Regulators

The R1 and R2 series regulators are a line of direct-action type pressure governors, normally used for domestic applications, generally installed directly to the meter or in installations in gas grids for natural and manufactured gas, lpg, or other non-corrosive preliminarily treated stable gas.