Strong Points


Mesura-Gas-Solutions-Natural-Gas-Regulators-Best-Materials-And-Quality-In-The-World_0004_Layer Comp 5People are a precious asset for Mesura. For this reason, our company is attentive to occupational development.  Our staff forms a close-knit specialized team which, thanks to targeted training courses, contributes to the satisfaction of everyone it is in contact with. Our team is also able to convey its collective enthusiasm for what it does.

Training and Certification

Mesura-Gas-Solutions-Natural-Gas-Regulators-Best-Materials-And-Quality-In-The-World_0000_Layer Comp 1To develop their knowledge, specialization and the quality of their work, we invest in training for our technical and sales staff to guarantee the skills certified by leading technology players.


Lampadina2Our experience thrives on innovation and continuing challenges, which propel us every day towards the future.

Flexibility and Dynamism

Mesura-Gas-Solutions-Natural-Gas-Regulators-Best-Materials-And-Quality-In-The-World_0003_Layer Comp 4Our structure is highly flexible so we can be sure to position our product range and services effectively according to market needs. Dynamism allows us to ensure a quality service capable of responding quickly and receptively in compliance with our internal quality system.

Mesura SA is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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