About Cavagna Group

Founded and run as a family run business, the Cavagna Group has been in operation since 1949, carrying the mechanical excellence of the ‘Made in Italy’ essence and authenticity around all continents of the Globe.
Cavagna Group is a key industrial partner and enabler for the regulation, control, Industrial Process Management and metering being safely used in all types of gases, in every step of different supply chains, with a continued ‘big picture’ view of the Future of Energy.

Embedded with the social conscience and responsibility to provide products of the utmost dependable quality whether it be for Energy gases, Renewable, Alternative Fuels, Hydrogen, Compressed or Medical gases.

Using the Group’s 70 plus years of experience to drive meaningful innovations in the fields of IoT and digitisation towards a sustainable Energy Transition. Recognizing the importance of the gas molecule in everyday business practices and vision for the future of gas. Keeping consistency in the presence everywhere gas fuels life, together with a progressive vision on the future Energy Outlook, while staying devoted to the mission:
wherever gas is used, we are there

More information can be found at: www.cavagnagroup.com